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HGpromoHG27 HG18 HG45 HG31HG40 HG33 HG34 HG23HG10HG2 HG25 HG8-B HG HG29HG9 HG37HG30HG26 HG46 HG44 HG32HG51 HG35The first time I had a taste of High Garden’s tea was sometime during the cold and flu season of 2013. I was working at a café, who carried their products, and urged by my co-workers to try a blend called “Sing,” when I started losing a battle to a sore throat. Sing is an herbal tea blend that contains: Plantain, Mullein, Sage, Marshmallow Root, Hyssop, Peppermint, Thyme, Licorice Root,  Wild Cherry Bark. After the immediate soothing and relentless enjoyment brought to me by my first cup I was hooked.

High Garden is a small local business run by the most charming dynamic duo: Tea aficionado, Ian, and Herbologist, Leah. They thrive on sharing their knowledge of living a natural, healthy life via the route of herbal wellness. I had the opportunity to spend the afternoon there last week and from the moment I walked in I felt so comfortable and welcome.

Shelves lined with colorful jars filled with tea from regions all over the world, and colorful herbs sourced from various places, including local suppliers, greet you as you walk in the front door. Not only are there teas and herbs, but also natural beauty products, tea brewing supplies, herbal supplements, a wealth of knowledge, and so on. If you don’t know much about teas or herbs, don’t be afraid to ask; your question will be given an enthusiastic and easy to understand explanation by one of my two new favorite people on this earth. You are invited to purchase product to take with you, and/or to enjoy some in the store. (I highly suggest both).

Within the afternoon that I spent at High Garden I feel like I began to understand and appreciate the things they were so passionate about. Since going, I’ve started doing some research about living more naturally, herbal remedies and regions where tea is grown. I hope to be visiting again soon for another insightful chat and a new bag full of a blend that can replace the quickly disappearing packets of Calm tea that I purchased just a few days ago.

For more information check out High Garden’s website here.


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With spring comes rain and with rain comes tranquility, or that’s how it is for me at least. Despite the misfortune of my always forgetting an umbrella and my lack of anything waterproof in my wardrobe, April showers make for some of my favorite days.


The steady pitter-patter of the tiny drops against my windows and roof become a metronome for my productivity. Conversely, it significantly heightens the likelihood that I am going to give in to the beckoning of my blankets and fall into a cuddle pile at some point; I like to think that that’s just part of fully enjoying the moment, though.


Above you’ll have seen my current rainy day essentials. Powder blues are inspiring me like crazy, so everything circulated around that–that, and my unfailing love for a hot cup of tea and a vase full of fresh hydrangeas. (Those New Balance sneakers are something that I’ve been loving, too). Naturally, I’ve put together a few of my recent favorite rainy day tracks to create this week’s playlist. I hope it helps you enjoy your rainy days as much as I enjoy mine:



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Upcoming Travels

spain4 spain3 spain7 spain8spain13  spain10 spain1spain6 spain2 spain9  spain5 spain11spain12  espanaIt doesn’t take long after one adventure until I am ready for the next. Whether it be transatlantic, across the country, or an hour away I’m always looking forward to seeing what else is going on in the world. This time that intrigue is taking me to Spain.

I think if I had to sum up my excitement in a few words I would choose: churros, churros, churros, wine, churros.

(Just kidding. Sort of.)

I’ll be traveling around the northern half of the country. Naturally I’ve already started to read all of the city guides I can find in hopes of being aware of the best markets to get authentic food and the best parks to spend an afternoon in.

I’m really excited for how many cities I’ll be getting to visit, there is so much to be excited about: architecture, the language, the views, the culture, the paella, the music, the locals, the romance, the churros…did I say that already?

I can’t wait to bring you along. The countdown has started.


Speak to you all soon!




*all photos were found on Pinterest, graphics by Lauren Cunningham

Sweet Tooth

_JB copy.jpg JB5 Cookies are one of those things that can take a bad day, no matter the circumstances, and make it (at least) a little bit better.  For me,  just the idea of a fresh batch arouses feelings of nostalgia; the smell of them baking captivates my senses and reawakens childlike anticipations. I’m not sure that ever goes away.
JB3JB7JB8JB10JB11Seven years ago, a fellow named Jake moved to Nashville with his wife, Liz, with no intentions of starting a baking business. The concept of a cookie delivery service was conceived offhandedly on a drive home from the beach. Fast forward to now and the self taught baker has been making the dough for a little over a year (pun intended).JB2JB14JB17JB18I have ordered Jakes Bakes several times. My roommates and I can’t get over the fact that whenever we have a cookie craving, it can be conveniently satisfied. The chocolate chip ones are probably my favorite followed by the snickerdoodle (sugar+cinnamon). No matter what you order they are brought to you fresh and warm and, from my experience, whoever is delivering them will be just as delightful as the cookies themselves.

After spending a couple of hours with the team in the kitchen I feel confident in saying that Jake’s Bakes is a cookie delivery service whose driving force is exactly this:

Cookies make people happy.

And that is a business model that I can get behind.

To find out more about Jakes Bakes you can go to their website here.
(Or you could just call and make an order for yourself.)



Making a trip home to Arkansas on Sunday.  Find me on instagram at @lacunningham to follow along with my exploring.


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Living in a constantly moving city it’s easy to forget that there are places where things seem to stop, even if just for a little bit. My parents and I adventured to Radnor Lake the other morning to just be still. Just to feel the easiness and tranquility of simply being outside.

Hiking the trails, there were signs of spring everywhere. Tiny green arms reaching towards the sun; it’s sparkling reflection off of the once frozen lake surface; and branches snaking through each other, dotted with fuchsia buds which held the promise of a bloom. Spring made an appearance, and we were there to bear witness.

BB23BB8BB21BB13The thing about spring is that, for me at least, it’s natures reminder that all things can and do start fresh again; everything does in due time.

I often find myself indulging in the traditions of spring cleaning and clean eating and making things anew in my priorities and goals for the year, being careful not to step on toes of dreams I had before but instead develop them further and mold them into the person I’m becoming, rather than having them stand stiffly with the person I used to be.

The buds were a solid reminder that it’s okay to begin again, because new beginnings are beautiful and the final result is even more glorious.

Here’s to new beginnings, friends.



Speak to you all soon,



Coachella Fashion Picks

coachella COACHELLAITEMSLeopard Birkenstock • Platform MuleNude Open Toe Bootie • Utility Pant • Lace Inset Caftan • Polka Dot Maxi Dress • Olive Zip-front Overall • Asymmetrical Hem T-shirt Dress • Striped Romper • Graphic Mesh Tee • Bracelet • Sunglasses • Yellow Wedge • Green Cutout Boot • Black Lace-up Espadrille • Patch Boyfriend Jeans • Black Bralet • Striped Trouser • Finger Chain • Black Crochet Back Dress • White Buckle Heel • Image via Stockholm Streetstyle • Embroidered Tank • Denim Dress • White Jumpsuit • Floral Crop topHalter Bathing Suit (sold out) • Perforated Blue Shopper Bag • Black Gladiator Sandal • Stacked Bracelets • Strappy Bra

Coachella is a festival I’ve had on my radar for a while. While I’ve been to Lollapalooza and Bonnaroo, I know the feel of a west coast festival would be much different and it’s definitely something I plan to experience (hopefully sooner rather than later).

Coachella is a celebration of Art, Music and sunny California.  It’s also widely recognized for the style that is exhibited by it’s goers; I might even venture to say that it sets the standard for what people will be wearing for the duration of festival season.

My fashion picks are a mashup of hard and soft pieces that I could definitely see myself rocking during the weekend long celebration, as well as for the rest of the summer. My favorites are probably the jewelry from Catbird, the NSF Patchwork Jeans I spotted on Shopbop, and the Steve Madden leopard Birkenstock style sandal.

To make the envisioning process a little easier, here’s a Spotify playlist of most of the artists playing at Coachella! Hopefully you’ll discover some new music along with loving some already favorites.

(Nows the part where you grab some takeout, throw on a sunhat, roll into your hammack and turn up the tuneage)

For more information about Coachella click here

Speak to you all soon!



Barista Parlor Mornings via iPhone

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetBARISTAPPARLOR2 Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset My love for breakfast food can, first and foremost, be attributed to my parents. They have instilled in me very strong values like having an unrequitable love for pastries, knowing that pancakes and waffles are BEST with butter and syrup and an unshakable confidence that you can always say yes to bacon.

Saturday mornings as a kid meant going out to breakfast with the two of them and my older brother. We’d pile in the car and go reputable places like Denny’s and Waffle House (I’ll take an All Star breakfast, please). So when they come to visit me in Nash, I try to pay it forward. This week: Barista Parlor.

Although they are best known for their coffee (which is also a Grand Slam), I have recently discovered that the breakfast menu at Barista Parlor is full of amazing surprises. For example, that local sausage + homemade biscuit with orange marmalade is something that surely keeps me coming back.

If you haven’t been, you should go. Here are a few helpful hints to make your first time as good as it can be:

1) Scope out a place to sit before you order.
2) Don’t be intimidated by that coffee setup; if you have questions ask your barista. If you just want a “normal cup of coffee,” tell them what you normally drink (even if it’s Folger’s, Dad) and they will point you in the direction of a v-60 (coffee brewing style) filled with coffee from incredible roaster that you will LOVE.
3) Get a pastry. Don’t ask questions, just do it.
4) People watch.
5) As with any new restaurant, order a variety of things on the menu. Unless you’re by yourself. Edit: Hopefully if you’re by yourself you are HUNGRY.


Speak to you all soon!